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WordPress Isn’t Just for Bloggers

WordPress started off as tool used just for blogging, but today it is a popular online publishing platform that is used by tech enthusiasts around the world. The popularity of WordPress is simply astounding, as billions of people have either used or browsed a site run by WordPress. Some of the Internets most prestigious and well visited websites such as CNN, NFL and Honda USA are all powered by WordPress. Even though it doesn’t look like it, WordPress is behind many of the everyday sites both you and I frequent. With the high level of customization that WordPress brings you, there is absolutely no telling to what you can do with WordPress for your website.

WebHostingHub WordPressFor starters, WordPress is amazing for starting new websites. Rather than starting a static HTML or complicated hand-coded PHP based website, you would definitely benefit from running a WordPress website. Why is that? From a marketing standpoint, people love the search engine optimization (SEO) benefits of WordPress. Websites that are run with this online platform have been known to get indexed quite rapidly and this applies to new posts, tags and category pages as well. For some reason, search engines love WordPress websites and find them to be quite the catch when it comes to search engine indexing.

Using WordPress, you could start any type of website as it does not have to be a blog. You can open a full business or corporate level website with the use of the WordPress blogging platform. Although people traditionally think of using WordPress for blogging, there is an increasing number of individuals who have started using WordPress for other custom websites as well. The ease of customization, ease of use and quick installation that WordPress offers is what has made it so popular among website builders and bloggers. Today, a vast number of web developers have started using WordPress, as it makes things simpler for both them and their clients (who may have very little website maintenance knowledge).

Another reason why WordPress has become so popular among both new and existing developers is because of the very active support forum. Since this is the only blogging/content management system that goes through the most number of updates; people have become accustomed to relying on it. The vast WordPress support forum is frequented by both moderators and people who have questions about WordPress, so you will always be able to get the help you need. The millions of threads available on the support forum also help current WordPress users with frequently occurring issues.

Using one click auto-installers such as Fantastico, Softacoulous or Simple Scripts; you can install and configure a WordPress website within minutes, with absolutely no programming or website building knowledge. As you have step by step guides to help you create your first WordPress website, there is no need to worry about messing things up. If you make a mistake, simply delete the WordPress installation and restart the installation. Monetizing, customizing and editing a WordPress site is also quite seamless, as there are numerous plug-ins that help you do just that. With a database of over half a million plug-ins, WordPress is and will remain one of the best content management systems for website builders and bloggers.

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