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What to Know About Unlimited Web Hosting

In the last decade, the web hosting industry has grown by an average of three hundred percent. It was one of the fastest growing businesses in the webmaster industry. Today in 2012, the growth of web hosting companies has slowed down. With a rise in competitors in the business, many companies started offering unlimited resources as part of their hosting services. One of the first companies to begin this service was the well-known web host, BlueHost. After the trend began, many other companies started following in their footsteps to offering unlimited and unmetered hosting services. Throughout the rest of this article, we will be looking at the things you need to know about unlimited hosting.

The Internet is now loaded with tons of promotions for hosting companies offering unlimited hosting services and it causes people to doubt the other services from smaller web hosting companies. To begin, what exactly is unlimited hosting and how is it provided to consumers. Unlimited or unmetered hosting is the service in which hosting companies offer no limit on the amount of disk space and bandwidth resources a client can use when hosting a site. This may raise several questions on the client’s end, so we’ll look at a few examples. This does not mean that all the limits on your account are unmetered, but just the space, bandwidth, email, domain and database features. Your client CPU usage will still be limited to make it fair for all the other clients on that server.

How can a company offer you unlimited hosting? In essence, if you think about the term unlimited hosting and take it to a literal level, you’d realize that it doesn’t really make sense. Let’s see why. The hard drive on the server will not be increasing in size nor will it be allocating more space from some secret compartment in the HDD. Since a hard drive does not expand as data is uploaded or stored, it is literally impossible to offer unlimited hosting services. However, in the case of large web hosting companies that have a wide range of resources, it is not such a big deal. The only limitation is the number of inodes or files on your web hosting account. Most shared web hosting companies allow for hundreds of thousands of inodes on a hosting account. Large hosting companies have the facilities and data center staff to monitor servers and add additional hard drives. Due to this reason, you can purchase unlimited hosting services from large hosting companies that have been around for many years.

In the case of smaller hosting companies that have just recently begun business, it is a little hard to think how they could actually offer you unlimited hosting. This is where it becomes an issue for the client, as he/she needs to decide on whether this company would be able to follow through on their terms. In terms of bandwidth usage, it is left unmetered, as the company purchases them in bulk and probably has thousands of terabytes in bandwidth.  The general pricing for unlimited hosting fluctuates between five and ten dollars a month, but with special promotions, it can be even lower.

What it comes down to with unlimited web hosting is the server resources which are limited, like CPU and memory use. If your website is causing problems on a shared server due to high CPU usage then it will negatively effect all the other clients that reside on that server. A reliable web hosting company will ask you to try and optimize your website in order to reduce the level of resource usage. If there is no reduction then the next step is to upgrade your web hosting plan from a shared hosting account to a Virtual Private Server (VPS). A large majority of websites are on shared hosting plans and do not run into issues of overusing resources.

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