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Web Hosting and Domain Tools

Helpful tools related to domains and web hosting for beginner and experienced webmasters. More tools are in the works, for now please enjoy our WHOIS Hosting and Domain Availability tools.

WHOIS Hosting Lookup

WHOIS Hosting Lookup

Find out who is hosting any website.  This tool is helpful if you lost track of what web hosting company you are using to host your site. Another popular use of this web hosting lookup tool is if someone else’s website loads better than yours and you want to know what web host they are using so you can switch to the better hosting company.

Click Here to Lookup Who is Hosting Any Website

Domain Availability Checker

Find out if the domain name you are interested in is available to register. While you are researching web hosting companies on our site give this tool a try. Check if a domain name is already in use or not. Simply enter the domain name in our domain availability checker to find out if you will be able to register the domain or not.

Click Here to Check the Availability of a Domain Name

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