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WebHostingHub vs. BlueHost

BlueHost vs. WebHostingHubWebHostingHub and BlueHost are two major web hosting companies in the market that specialize in shared web hosting. Both of these companies offer fairly similar web hosting features, so it can be a little hard to figure out which one to go for. When choosing a hosting company you need to look at the company from various angles. You need to consider the level of customer support, reliability, features offered, pricing and the period they’ve been in business for. Now, there are advantages in choosing either one of these hosting companies, so let’s find out what they are in each case.

BlueHost is now owned by Endurance International Group (EIG) but has been in the business for eighteen years, as they first opened up in 1996. With over five thousand servers and two million domains under their wing, they are considered to be one of the top web hosting companies in the industry. BlueHost see’s an average of twenty thousand new customers every month, which is a significantly good figure. BlueHost has become part of the norm, as they’ve started offering unlimited web hosting with a selection of perks and discounts.

WebHostingHub is a sister company of the premium hosting company InMotion Hosting, founded in 2001. WebHostingHub not only offers shared hosting, but they provide website creation services, web design and help for small businesses that need an online presence. The diversity of their web services is something that is not seen with BlueHost.

Comparing Web Hosting Features

When comparing both BlueHost and WebHostingHub, we certainly have to look into their various features. Both hosts provide a free domain along with unlimited web hosting, which has become a common trend for web hosts. As for specific web hosting features, BlueHost is quite comprehensive as they deliver the latest version of PHP, Perl, Python, FastCGI, Ruby on Rails, MYSQL, PostgreSQL and complete SSH access. WebHostingHub offers all of what we’ve mentioned except for Ruby on Rails, Python FastCGI, Perl FastCGI, SSH access and PostgreSQL.

Comparing Refund/Money Back Policies

When considering the refund policies at WebHostingHub and BlueHost, they are roughly the same. BlueHost will offer you a full refund including the domain within three days of purchase, while a full refund excluding the domain could take place within thirty days. After the three day period, you will be billed $13.99 for the domain name, if you choose to get a refund for the hosting portion of your account. If you are not fully satisfied with BlueHost after the thirty days, they will apply a pro-rated money back credit on your account. This pro-rated money back policy is in effect at anytime throughout the term of your account. WebHostingHub does not offer a full refund for the domain name and hosting, but rather, just for the hosting account within 90 days. After the 90 day period WebHostingHub offers a pro-rated refund for what time remains on your hosting plan. So with both web hosting companies you can be confident in receiving a pro-rated refund for anytime remaining on your plan should you not be satisfied with their services.

Comparing Web Hosting Reliability/Speed

Clients need to understand that with shared hosting, you may experience slowdowns if other sites on the server are experiencing a high influx of visitors. The good news is that both BlueHost and WebHostingHub have limitations on the total CPU usage, allowing the server load to stay low. Overall through the years, the level of reliability and speed offered by both these hosting companies has been roughly the same. Recently BlueHost’s performance has been on the decline since they were taking over by EIG. Customer’s have experienced more frequent downtime and slow page loading speeds. Both companies promise to offer clients with at least 99.9% uptime. BlueHost as well as other EIG brands like HostGator have suffered a few significant downtime periods over the past year in their Utah datacenter.

Comparing Pricing/Bonus Perks

The web hosting industry has become one that competes by offering discounts and perks. Taking a look at BlueHost and WebHostingHub, they both offer three levels of shared hosting plans. If we compare each company’s plans that allow for hosting an unlimited number of websites all on one account BlueHost only has the better deal on pricing at this time by 5 cents…  BlueHost’s unlimited domain hosting plan (Plus) has the lowest rate at the special rate of $5.95/month versus WebHostingHub’s unlimited domain hosting plan (Nitro) at the promotional price of $5.99/month. Both the  WebHostingHub promo and BlueHost promo links on our site offer discounted pricing on all of their different hosting plans. As for bonus offerings, WebHostingHub and BlueHost both are giving away $200 in advertising credits.

The Bottom Line

We have two well established hosting companies that are offering very similar products for competitive prices. Both definitely have hands on experience in dealing with small business and personal website clients. WebHostingHub and BlueHost offer a more diversified array of services such as web designing and building then most web hosts today.

WebHostingHub is the sister company of InMotion Hosting and BlueHost is owned by one of the largest hosting companies in the world, EIG. The better web hosting choice at this time is WebHostingHub because they are a solid company on the rise, and BlueHost is a giant web host that is now run buy EIG, which has been struggling to balance their bottom line with the quality of the service they provide. Consider your web hosting needs, read through our full BlueHost Review and WebHostingHub Review, which include real customer experiences and choose the option that you can most benefit from. We are always looking for feedback from customers. If you use either of these web hosts please submit your web hosting reviews to help other webmasters make a more informed decision.

WebHostingHub vs BlueHost Customer Ratings

WebHostingHub Average Customer Ratings

Overall Rating: 98.89%
Uptime: 97.77%
Reliability: 100.00%
Support: 95.54%
Features: 98.89%
Value: 98.89%

*Percentages are based on a scale of 1 to 5 star ratings from 18 submitted WebHostingHub reviews.

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BlueHost Average Customer Ratings

Overall Rating: 94.66%
Uptime: 93.33%
Reliability: 94.66%
Support: 94.66%
Features: 92.00%
Value: 90.66%

*Percentages are based on a scale of 1 to 5 star ratings from 15 submitted BlueHost reviews.

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