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WP Engine Review

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Editor's WP Engine Review

WordPress is the most powerful and robust blogging platform available. It is used by millions of websites and thousands are being created with WordPress on a daily basis. If you’ve used WordPress for quite some time, you will know that it can have some minor issues at times. Apart from the potential hacks that take place every now and then, there is the occasional bug that ends up causing you to pull out your hair. Compared to regular web hosting, WP Engine is about three times more expensive, but there are several benefits you can take advantage of through using WP Engine to host your WordPress sites.

Managed WordPress Hosting

At first look, you may think that WPEngine is just like any other WordPress hosting service, but in reality; WPEngine is much more than that. For those who deal with WordPress on a daily basis, you will know of all the little finicky things that can come up. You may not be able to do something or a small plug-in error causes your blog to look messed up. It is these small things that cause us to get frustrated with the most powerful blogging platform. With WP Engine, you let them handle everything relating to your WordPress blog. With WP Engine, you will receive expert WordPress support, incredibly fast loading times, excellent security, anti-hack scripts, less spam, correctly modified plug-ins and themes as well as a huge amount of technical support. Regardless of what it is that you are having trouble with, the team behind WP Engine is ready to help you.

One of the common problems people have with WordPress is the occasional hacking attempt caused by security loopholes and such. When you are hosted by WP Engine, your website is monitored around the clock and everything is kept completely secure. With frequent backups, you will also be able to get your site back up in the event of a minor issue. WP Engine also uses some of their technological magic to ensure that your site is running at optimum speeds, both on the admin end and visitor end. When adding new posts or editing posts, WordPress can slow down at times, but with WP Engine; that never becomes an issue. By using WP Engine for your WordPress sites, you will never have to;

  • Reboot the Server due to Increased Traffic/Slowdowns
  • Delete Spam Comments
  • Optimize the Blog for Higher Speeds
  • Fix an Attempted Hack
  • Spend Hours Trying to Figure Out Why Something Isn’t Working

WP Engine Plans and Pricing

WP Engine Plans and Pricing

WP Engine Uptime Guarantee

WP Engine promises 100% uptime for all their WordPress hosting services. They even claim that if the uptime drops, they will offer a five percent refund for every hour that it is down. By switching to WP Engine, you will clearly notice a difference in the speeds and overall visitor performance of your WordPress site. You can forget about slowdowns and security issues, as WP Engine is responsible for all of it. The difference between any other hosting services and WP Engine is that everything works in the end. With highly qualified WordPress experts by your side, you will never again have to go through lines of code to figure out why something is not working.

WP Engine Support

One of the reasons why thousands of WordPress webmasters have moved over to WP Engine is because of the amazing support that WP Engine offers. Regardless of the issue you are having with your WordPress blog, just send in an email and expect a reply shortly. WP Engine acts as a fully managed WordPress administrator for your blog, so that you don’t have to. If you are still hesitant about what WP Engine could do for you, why not opt for their risk free sixty day trial and see whether it is something that your WordPress site could benefit from.

Key WP Engine Features

  • WP Engine Will Help You Move All of Your WordPress Sites Over For Free.
  • Unlimited Data Transfer
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN) Ready
  • EverCache – Managed Caching Technology
  • Firewall and Malware Scanning
  • If Your WordPress Site(s) Get Hacked WP Engine Will Fix Them For Free.
  • Super fast EverCache technology that delivers WordPress pages in 15 milliseconds.
  • One-Click Restore Points
  • Expert WordPress Support
  • Daily Backups and Managed Updates
  • 100% Uptime Guarantee – If in the rare case they do not meet this guarantee a 5% credit of your monthly bill will be applied for each hour of downtime.
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

WP Engine Managed WordPress Hosting

WP Engine Headquarters

504 Lavaca Street, Suite 1000
Austin, TX 78701

Phone: 877-973-6446

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