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A Small Orange

A Small Orange Provides Shared, Business, Semi-Dedicated, Reseller, Virtual Private Server (VPS) and Dedicated Server Hosting Solutions.

Editor's A Small Orange Review

A Small Orange is a web hosting company offering a complete range of shared, business, semi-dedicated, reseller, VPS and dedicated server hosting. A Small Orange and it’s sister company HostNine were acquired by Endurance International Group in 2012. ASO is known to be one of the more independently managed hosting brands owned by EIG. We will be taking a thorough look at their various hosting plans, customer support, reliability of service and overall value for money.

ASO Web Hosting Plans and Features

A Small Orange offers several web hosting plans of many scale; suitable for a range of customers. Whether you need a shared hosting plan with as little as 500MB of space or a more comprehensive plan with up to 30GB of space – they have the plan you need. A Small Orange keeps their plans simple and offers only what they can deliver. One thing you will not see at A Small Orange is the popular and non-existent, unlimited hosting.

A Small Orange Shared Hosting Plans

A number of customers that have business web hosting with A Small Orange have also mentioned how the hosting company offers adequate server resources as well as a free SSL certificate and a PCI compliant.

A PCI compliant, sometimes referred to as PCI DDS is an acronym for payment card industry data security standard. It is essentially a security protocol that ensures your website is using a secure environment when collecting credit card information from customers – an added value to your business.

Ghost Hosting

Ghost Hosting

A great feature that A Small Orange offers with its hosting plans is connectivity with the Ghost blogging platform, which requires Node.js.

A Small Orange is the only hosting provider that I know of that allows for installing Ghost on a shared hosting plan.

A Small Orange’s web hosting plans are fully scalable, letting you upgrade and downgrade as your web hosting needs alter over time. ASO’s shared, business, semi-dedicated, VPS and dedicated server hosting are all SSD driven, which means you get to enjoy blazing fast speeds – up to 15 times the speed of regular hard drives.

A Small Orange Hosting Plans

ASO Support, Reliability, and Pricing

Years after being purchased by EIG, A Small Orange has had some complaints regarding its level of customer support. ASO currently manages their web hosting services out of two datacenters in Dallas, Texas, and Dearborn, Michigan. Both datacenters use state of the art power, security and network configurations.

A Small Orange has average pricing for several of its web hosting products and an ease of scalability within hosting plans. For the best value for money, you should consider a hosting plan that offers just what you need. Opting for more when you need less can be quite expensive, especially in the long-term.

With their 90-day money back guarantee policy, you have no risk giving them your business. The 90-day policy applies to all shared, business, semi-dedicated, reseller, VPS and dedicated server hosting plans. You are still eligible for a pro-rated refund after this period, based on the time you have been with them.

A Small Orange Headquarters

Address: A Small Orange LLC
2500 Ridgepoint Drive
Austin, TX 78745

Phone: 1-877-283-2612

A Small Orange Reviews

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Sara's Review of A Small Orange:
They just keep getting worse and worse.  I'm getting completely ripped off with them.  And they have no support in place to help when things go wrong.  I so regret ever moving to them.
Overall Rating: Support:
Uptime: Features:
Reliability: Value:
Josh Modano's Review of A Small Orange:
I run a startup news site and when a website is in its incubation period, reliable hosting matters. I signed up an got a business hosting under A Small Orange thinking they have the capacity to deliver but unfortunately, in less than a month of being with them, I have experienced terrible downtimes. In fact, as I am writing this review, my site is experiencing downtime. and it has been down for more than an hour already (going two). One thing that attracted me to their hosting services is the load of the servers. According to them, they have 'lesser' load per server that's why the efficiency and speed won't get compromised. YES. Their hosting is pretty fast, they have a clean cPanel and really professional support BUT not of those can compensate an UNACCESSIBLE website. as I write, i am losing readers clicking my social links, organic searches and referrals. I think A Small Orange is a good hosting company for personal blog sites who have 1-10 readers a month as they need not worry about downtimes. But for startup companies, SME's and bloggers, STAY AWAY FROM THIS HOSTING COMPANY.
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