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Web Hosting Help for Photography Sites

If you are a photographer by trade or simply like to take pictures in your spare time, chances are you have considered sharing those photos with friends, family and potential clients. If so, there are a few aspects you should know regarding photography website creation, such as what type of photo web hosting service you should choose. It really comes down to the level of graphics and photography experience you have. Finding a hosting service that suits your needs is not difficult to do but if you are having a difficult time making a decision, the following are a few suggestions to get you pointed in the right direction. Here are four currently popular options.


Flickr is a service that allows people to organize their photographs and video clips in such a way that they are grouped into various collections, with each collection being allowed sub-collections. If you wish, you can even tag your photos in order to help people efficiently locate your work. Even better is Flickr’s built-in image editor that assists in ridding pictures of the dreaded red eye, adding special effects, including fonts and cropping. There are two options when it comes to Flickr – a free license with limits that provides 100MB of storage or a for-fee pro choice that puts no caps on storage or bandwidth.

Flickr photo hostingPicasa

Picasa is another popular choice that is provided by Google. This service lets photographers edit and organize their digital pictures. Some of the most well-known features of Picasa are tracking, file importing, tagging and organizing photos into collections. Other features included in Picasa are basic photo editing, printing, image timelines and even slideshow viewing. And if you chose to publish your photographs, you can use Picasa’s Web Albums. A free Picasa account gives users photo storage up to 1GB but if you need more, there are paid upgrade options.


This hosting service specializes in image as well as video hosting and includes an album organizer, scrapbook builder, free picture editor and online prints and gifts. Photobucket offers both public and private access. Similar to Picasa, Photobucket’s free package comes with 1GB of storage and upgraded options for a fee.


The final photo web hosting provider on this list is SmugMug. SmugMug is considered to be a service that caters to professional photographers. The interface is quite user-friendly and striking to look at. Members have a choice of three different packages – the Standard package, the Power package and the Pro package; there are no free package deals available.

However, new users can enjoy a two weeks for free in order to try their service. The intermediate level of membership – the Power – gives its users their own domain name, various customizations and video sharing capabilities. Those who chose the Pro package will enjoy the ability to markup photographs for sale as well as share high-def videos. And added bonus gives the creator 80 percent of the photo’s markup over its base price.

If you are looking to create you own website for your photography any web hosting company with easy 1 click script installs like Fantastico, SimpleScript, or Softaculous in it’s cPanel allows for easy installations of image galleries on your website.

All of the web hosting companies listed in our review section include free image galleries.


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