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vBulletin Web Hosting

vbulletinIf you take a close look at some of the most interactive websites online, you’d notice that they have an extremely strong foundation, which their online community. A forum is an important part of any online community, regardless of what niche it focuses on. At the end of the day, your website needs to be able to handle the forum software, influx of users, multiple database connections and storage capacity. When you consider all the requirements of running forum software such as vBulletin, you need a web hosting solution that can handle the high load of requests and be able to deliver an optimum user experience.

There are a number of forum software solutions available in the market but the best among them is vBulletin, which offers an extremely customizable interface with various advanced features. Today, a large portion of online communities use vBulletin as their primary forum software, and its user base continues to grow. If you intend on hosting a site with vBulletin, just make sure to have an affordable web hosting service from a reliable hosting company that can handle vBulletin. Let’s look into some of the features you’ll need in order to begin hosting a vBulletin forum.

The minimum system requirements to run vBulletin are PHP 5.2 or higher and MySQL 4.1.0 or higher. The amount of database processes allowed is important for your vBulletin hosting account. When you are running a forum, you will have tons of people online at once, possibly making dozens of posts at once. Your vBulletin web hosting needs to be able to keep up with the number of requests without going offline or slowing down. If you don’t have the proper web hosting plan for running vBulletin, you will most likely experience lags and slowdowns on your website, which is not ideal for any user oriented website.

Apart from performance you also want to have a high level of security for your website. Forum databases need to be secure because they are gold mines for cybercriminals, who tend to steal and sell forum databases. For this reason and more, you need to ensure that your web hosting plan has the level of security you require. Also make sure to keep up with installing vBulletin upgrades and patches as they become available.

Web hosting that can run vBulletin is not incredibly expensive if your forum is new and/or doesn’t have a ton of active members. Starting out a high quality shared hosting plan will work for your vBulletin forum. If your vBulletin forum really gains in popularity, upgrading to a virtual private server (VPS) or dedicated server is a must. When you are considering purchasing vBulletin hosting, try to look for companies that have positive web hosting reviews, giving you some insight as to what other clients have experienced with that particular hosting company. You might want to use a web hosting company that offers shared hosting, vps, and dedicated hosting solutions like InMotion Hosting so you can more easily upgrade your web hosting as your vBulletin forum grows.

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