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The True Cost of Free Web Hosting

Those new to website ownership have probably heard about free web hosting and may wonder if it is truly free. As a matter of fact, free web hosting does exist and there are many hosting companies that provide it for no cost. So if your budget is really tight, free hosting is definitely a cost-saving option; however, there are some cases where free hosting comes with features that may prove detrimental to a website.


The majority of companies who offer web hosting for free tend to place a slew of advertisements on their customers’ websites. These advertisements may be placed at the sides, top and bottom of a web page and are usually required for almost any no-cost web hosting plan. Unfortunately, these ads can actually scare off visitors and potential customers since they come in forms of unsightly banners and pop-up ads. As you already know, the more advertisements a website displays, the less credibility is holds with viewers.

Customer Support

And because free hosting packages do not cost website owners any money, the majority of web hosts will provide extremely limited customer support. The means that if something happens to your website, the host will probably take no responsibility in fixing the problem. This is why so many people are turned off to the idea of free web hosting.

Finding Reliable Service

Even though it seems as if free hosting is a horrible idea, it doesn’t mean it should never be used. With a reputable service provider and thorough research, you can make a success out of free web hosting. But even if you use the best host on the market, you will still have to deal with free hosting limitations, such as extraneous downtime and a slow-running website. Although this may be acceptable for small, personal websites, business websites should stick to for-a-price web hosting.

Rarities in the Free Hosting Industry

As previously mentioned, there are tons of limitations to free website hosting. Even though there are many a number of great hosts, they are still unable to provide e-commerce websites with the tools they need to succeed on the Internet. Yes, there are some rare providers that do not require advertisement posting for free accounts but these providers are becoming harder to find. And with a little luck, you can even find a free host that will give you a simplistic control panel and small amount of monthly bandwidth.

Once you take a careful look at free website hosting, you will quickly realize that it is not always what it is cracked up to be. Since providing bandwidth and server space come at a cost for web hosts, they must pay for that somehow. Unfortunately, what you get for a free hosting package is annoying ads plastered all over your website. But for those working with a small to zero-dollar budget, free web hosting can be a real lifesaver. If you decide to go the free route, consider switching to paid hosting once you have more money to put towards site operation costs.

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