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Software Matters – The Details Behind The Web Host

For all the metrics that get quoted by web hosting companies one thing that often gets left out is the information on software. For most webhost users the technical gubbins behind the scene can be a little too much – if you are anything like me then you need easy to use software to get things up and running!

The good news is that if you choose a good web host they can provide you with a mass of different pieces of software that will make life easier for you, and potentially save you time and money. You just have to choose the web host that offers the best software options.

Software Matters

  • Cpanel: Cpanel is the graphic user interface software that people can use to help them navigate the ‘back end’ of their hosting. It allows them to easily find other software and the various options that are contained within the hosting.
  • Fantastico: This is a great piece of software that has a wide range of popular web software/scripts that can be installed on your site in just a few clicks. Simple installs, from blogging systems like WordPress to forum software like SMF as well as a wide variety of shopping carts, wiki software and much more.
  • QuickInstall: Like Fantastico, Quickinstall offers a lot of different software that can be installed inside a few clicks. The range overlaps with Fantastico in places but also offers other powerful tools as well, such as the MyBB forum software.
  • Mailing Lists: Mailing list software can cost a fair amount of money… but many hosts are able to offer mailing list software as a free option to the people using their services, and again can usually be installed with just a few clicks and little technical know-how.
  • Statistic Software: If you are looking to get stats right from the get go a good web host should have a stat software integrated, usually AWStats.

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