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Should Free Hosting Be On My List?

Free hosting may sound nice, but it is not a recommended solution for website owners who want their sites up and running. People choose free hosting because there is no charge on their part, but that is not entirely true. If you run a small personal website, you want to have it running all the time. Free hosting sites go offline quite often, due to the amount of support that is present. If you opt for free hosting, you will not be receiving any personal support. Let’s take a look at why you should be thinking about free hosting.

When you choose open a free hosting account, you will be added to server with tons of other clients. The server would probably contain more than one thousand accounts. The server is clearly crowded to its capacity and it will only slow down the sites on the server. Free hosting companies do not promise any form of support or speed. Thousands of sites are being hosted on one single server, which is using one source of processors; which only devalues the hosting service provided.

The resources provided to you will be very limited. The space, bandwidth, database and emails will be limited. Free hosting companies can not afford to give you a ton of resource, as you are not paying them anything. They will try to maximize the amount of accounts on single account, by offering each account with a very limited amount of space and bandwidth. Usually, companies provide 250MB of space and 2GB of bandwidth. They will be setting CPU limits, which will limit the amount of processes your site can send. If you go over the limit, your account may be suspended for a set period of time. The control panel will have only the basic features and no options. If you are looking for statistics or backups, you will not be getting them. Other server side resources and platforms will be disabled for free hosting users. To get access to these optional solutions, you will have to pay a certain price. The prices will be higher than usual, as to make up for the cost of running the company.

Free hosting companies do not charge you money, so how do they make money? These hosting companies will display ads on your website. Once you create your first page, you will be seeing ads on the page. The ad revenue from these ads help the company provide server for free. You have absolutely no control over these ads, and you can not remove them. If you have a personal or business website, you should not be displaying these types of ads on your site. Contextual advertising is better than banner advertising. This is the one reason why people do not like using free hosting.

With free hosting, you get no guarantee on security. Unlike paid hosting, these servers are not monitored, so the security level is extremely low. These servers can be easily breached into and the data can be stolen. If you are storing personal information or data, it is not a good idea to do it with free hosting.

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