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Setting up a MySQL Database in cPanel

For those who are still not aware, cPanel is one of the most robust and secure control panel platforms available. In essence, it makes the process of managing your website(s) seamless and efficient. With a variety of automation tools included in cPanel, it really offers new website owners a quick way to manage their server resources. The easy to use graphical interface is one of the reasons why cPanel has become so popular in the web hosting industry.

cPanel Login

Begin by logging into your cPanel account. You will need your username and password. If this is your first time logging in, you may want to check the email you received when you signed up for your hosting service.

When you’ve logged in, you will see a number of icons, all classified under various categories. You should look under ‘Databases’ to find the ‘MySQL Databases’ icon; select this icon and wait for the next page to load. MySQL Databases cPanel

Now, you will be able to create a new database, create a new user and assigned permissions for this user to access the database. First, you should begin by creating a database. The name of the database will begin with the username of your hosting account. For example, if your username is george, then your database will be george_databasename. Enter the name of the database you want and select ‘Create Database’.

Creat MySQL Database cPanel

You now have a MySQL database, which requires a user. When you scroll down, you will be able to create a user for the database. Again, enter a name for the user, which will end up in the form george_username. As you are creating a user for this database, you will also need to create a very secure password. The control panel has a built in password generator that will create a good enough password for you. Once you are done, select ‘Create User’ and allow the page to reload back to where you started.

Create User For  MySQL Database in cPanel

The final step is when you will need to assign the user to the database. When you scroll further down below, you will see a section that is reserved for “Adding a User to the Database”. Select the database and user you just created and click on ‘Add’. On the next page, you will need to choose the permissions for that user. For most databases, you will be selecting all the permissions. Once your request processes, you are done. You have now just created a MySQL database in cPanel.

Assign a User to MySQL Database

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