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Ruby on Rails Web Hosting

Ruby on Rails Hosting ReviewRuby on Rails (RoR) is an open source framework that has been designed to work with the Ruby programming language. Ruby on Rails has become one of the more popular frameworks used in web development, simply because of how efficient it is. For developers, this means less time writing code, which is a huge bonus! The framework is often seen installed on Apache web servers using RubyGems, which is usually provided with Ruby.  Due to the significant amount of demand for Ruby on Rails web hosting, many hosting companies have now started offering this service. Ruby on Rails web hosting will not cost more than regular shared hosting, but it will offer all the modules, Gems and web application deployment archetypes.

A handful of the major players in the web hosting industry offer amazing Ruby on Rails web hosting. When you are considering Ruby on Rails hosting, it isn’t just enough to have the company support development, as your hosting account needs to have features that support FastCGI, Mongrel, mod_passenger, Phusion Passenger and Ruby Gems. Additionally, various hosting companies have their servers equipped with web application deployment platforms such as Capistrano, Switchtower and Edge Rails. With a hosting company that offers RoR specific hosting, you will notice that they will offer you the latest version of RoR.

Ruby on Rails is used in so many areas of web development today such as for billing systems, online store sites and more. When you’re deciding on a hosting company that offers Ruby on Rails, you should check to see whether they fully support the platform. Some hosting companies only have the platform available for you, but they would have little to no experience with solving issues that may come up. Choosing a hosting company like A2Hosting would be an excellent choice for someone who wants support with RoR. Many hosting companies will not offer clients with unmetered web hosting resources, meaning no limits on the amount of disk space and bandwidth you have.

For web developers and anyone who is looking to have something programmed, Ruby on Rails is the option to go with. By choosing RoR, you will be able to effectively decrease overall programming costs as well as the time spent on projects. Ruby on Rails is so efficient that you would be able to program something that would take months in a matter of weeks. This is one of the biggest advantages that Ruby on Rails has over other programming frameworks. In order to make use of this amazing framework, the hosting company you are hosted with needs to have it supported by their servers. So again, you will need to select a reliable web hosting company that can offer you the following.

  • Postgre SQL, MySQL Databases
  • Subversion (SVN), GIT-Bugzilla Hosting
  • Regular Updates for Ruby on Rails
  • Mongrel, FastCGI Support
  • SSH Access

Once you’ve found a reliable Ruby on Rails web hosting company that offers all of the above, you can already assume that they truly support web developers. There are several companies that will offer you RoR, so make sure to read a few web hosting reviews so that you can make a confident decision.

Here are Some Ruby on Rails Web Hosting Choices:
A2 HostingA Small OrangeArvixeBlueHostInMotion HostingGreenGeeks

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