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Reliability – The Watch Word of All Good Web Hosts

There are all sorts of metrics and concepts that you need to be monitoring when it comes to finding a good web host. The hosts themselves try to fire all sorts of stats and promises at you, and aside from that you will get all sorts of advice (some good, some less good) off of other people who think they know what they are talking about.

But if there is one thing that is essential when it comes to choosing a new web host that is how reliable they are. There are all sorts of reasons that reliability is the most important aspect of any web host, and while there are other good metrics to study let us look at why reliability should be foremost in your mind when buying a web hosting package.

Why Reliability Matters

  • Metrics. All the metrics and stats offered by a web host are useless if they are not offered on a reliable basis. You can have all the disk space and bandwidth in the world – but if the service isn’t reliable then these stats won’t matter as you won’t have them on a continual basis.
  • Up time. The last thing you want is your website down due to hosting issues – but that can happen, and with poor web hosts it can happen a lot. Finding a reliable web host will mean that you can be confident it will be up 99.99% of the time and where it isn’t you know that the host will be working hard to get everything back online.
  • Any issues you have needs to be solved. This could mean problems caused by you or by the host – mistakes happen to the best of us. A reliable web host can help you to solve these problems quickly and easily – vital if you want your business online to go smoothly.
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