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Free Perks Offered by Web Hosting Providers

When a website owner opens a web hosting account with MySQL and PHP support, he or she will be able to easily program and create scripts without assistance, allowing them to utilize these scripts powerful abilities. Usually, paid and free web hosting providers offer their customers complimentary pre-installed scripts in the form of such tools as counters, calenders, and guest books.

The Possibilities Are Endless

Those who like to scour the Internet can locate thousands of fun and interesting applications and scripts available for them to install on their website. Website owners can also make many types of forums that include a wide variety of image galleries as well as photo albums. Classified ads, dating services, and auction listings are all other possibilities open to today’s do-it-yourself site owner and builder. In most cases, an individual has almost everything on the Internet at their disposal besides the gratuitous scripts provided by their hosting service. But the free services offered by web hosting providers does not end there.

Internet-Based Script InstallersHostGator WordPress

Although there are numerous services on the World Wide Web, there are plenty that will cost you nothing to use, such as Fantastico. Fantastico is simply an Internet-based script installer that lets users add many free tools to their website by simply clicking the mouse. Users who have a web host that offers Fantastico will be able to access well over a few dozen various content management systems, a handful of user forums, and a couple of shopping carts – OS Commerce and Zen Cart – FAQ makers, blog packages, and an array of customer service options for a high level of support.

Content Management and Portal Systems

Today’s web hosting providers make it simple for website owners with a basic knowledge of website building to add and take away information and pages back and forth from their site. Most providers have some type of module that lets their customers add shopping carts, polls, instant messaging, discussion boards, and security and user authentication. All of these tasks can be accomplished with ease.

Among the many content management systems offered by web hosting companies include Drupal, Post-Nuke, Xoops, and Mambo, all of which are free. Each one of these systems are reliable open-source software that comes with plenty of user support that only enhances the support provided by a web host company. And there are always new tools being offered.

Blog Posting Tools

Blogs are simply Internet publishing tools that a website owner can utilize to update their site anytime they wish. A blogging tool will automatically publish the newest post and subsequently, the older posts will be moved down the reading list. One of today’s most popular blogging tools is WordPress, which is offered by a slew of hosting providers as a free script to give to their customers. With all of the free perks being offered by web hosts, there are many tools for website owners to take advantage of for their site without paying a dime.

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