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Fantastico – A Web Hosting Tool for the Less Technically Minded

These days it is very possible to create and run a website without actually knowing that much about web technology. Software has improved so much that people are able to create websites with a few clicks and be up and running without any problems.

With the right use of software, themes and plugins even novices can create amazing looking websites that will impress visitors and possibly make them considerable amounts of money. But one aspect has long been a problem for the less technically minded web marketers. Web hosting and getting the software online initially has been a stumbling block for a number of would be webmasters.

Thankfully there is now software available from the best web hosts that allow ‘1 click install’ – not always one click exactly but simple installs with basic instructions not requiring any technical know how whatsoever.


The best example of this amazing installing software is Fantastico – and it is offered by all the best web hosts in the industry to enable people to quickly and easily create websites that are based on the most popular free website software options on the market. Other installing software similiar to Fantastico offered by some of the top web hosts include SimpleScripts and  Softaculous. They aren’t as well know but are just as amazing.

In all cases all you need to do is enter a few details such as the websites title, your logins etc and you are up and running with the software installed. In most cases it takes considerable less than a minute.

This means that even those who usually struggle with the complex coding aspects of online technologies are able to get everything up and running with their software and web hosting immediately. This is a massive bonus to many people – even experts who can have a large amount of time saved by using Fantastico and the like.

Most of the most popular web software in the world are included – including the massively popular (and of course free) blog and site software WordPress.

Also included for free are the likes of:

  • Mediawiki (the software that runs Wikipedia)
  • Simple Machines Forum (a forum software)
  • PhpBB (a forum software)
  • Drupal (a content management software)
  • Joomla (a content management software)

And much more besides. This massive choice of free web software enables people to have a real choice in how they run their website – even if they may lack the technological ability to have created them from scratch.

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