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cPanel versus vDeck – Web Hosting Control Panels

cPanel versus vDeckWhen it comes to web hosting control panels, the leading software solution available to web hosting companies is cPanel. Not only is cPanel widely used in the hosting industry; it also remains to the easiest control panel to get used to. With a single software solution, you can manage hundreds of websites without having to count on third party portals. The easy installation and integration feature on cPanel also allows you to include various cPanel add-ons. Its wide compatibility, open source benefit and easy portability make it stand out from the other web hosting control panels available to consumers.


cPanel ScreenshotOver the past couple of years, cPanel has undergone several dozen upgrades which have made it a much better software solution for administering websites. Due to the easy to use user interface, cPanel requires little to no expertise or skill, which makes it an excellent choice for any newbie website owner. Even if you are a business owner looking to figure things out with your control panel; you can do so by using the easy to navigate cPanel control panel. From minimalistic email features to advanced SSH access; you can have it all with cPanel.

The majority of web hosting companies from small to large use cPanel as their control panel e.g. A2 Hosting, GreenGeeks, InMotion HostingWebHostingHub, HostGator and BlueHost.


vDeck ScreenshotThe vDeck control panel is modernized control panel that puts you in full control of your websites, allowing for easy setting changes and flexibility with installations. You could even add other software solutions to your vDeck control panel to make things easier for you. Some web hosting companies under Endurance International Group use vDeck, such as iPage and FatCow.

The latest version, vDeck 4 offers seamless features and options such as website management, account management, marketing options, eCommerce solutions, domain management and SSH controls. With a completely integrated support solution included with the control panel, you’d be able to see all your support tickets and server status reports to know what is going on at that very moment. Clients that do use vDeck may have experience with Simple Scripts, an auto-installer that helps you install over four dozen scripts within seconds.

For the most part, webmasters don’t find vDeck as user friendly as cPanel, but with recent updates it has changed for the better. You can always choose between the various add-ons and see which one fits you perfectly. However, for people looking for the most reliable, robust and efficient web hosting control panel; it is best to choose a web host that uses cPanel.

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  1. I love vDeck and use it for all my projects. But now I need to use Magento and no one Vdeck hosts support Magento platform. If anyone knows please share.

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