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Concrete5 Web Hosting

Concrete5Concrete5 is content management system that makes content publishing so much easier for people who have little to no experience with web publishing. Concrete5 is completely open source and allows for on-page editing, which is extremely simple for people who love editing only what they see. The ability to edit right on the content page without having to go into administrator pages is what many users love about Concrete5. The one thing you need to understand about Concrete5 is that it needs to be supported by the hosting company you are with. For this reason, many website developers often look for Concrete5 web hosting companies, as they not only offer the platform but support as well.

Running a website on one of the most robust content management systems has never been simpler with Concrete5. When considering web hosting companies that fully support and provide Concrete5, you should consider WebHostingHub. With a web hosting provider that supports Concrete5, you’ll be able to find several tutorials on how to get things done on Concrete5. In order to efficiently run this CMS platform, you will need to ensure that the server you are on has the latest version of PHP, MYSQL and Apache web server. Most web hosting companies that are on top of updates will be able to support Concrete5.

It’s not enough to just be able to support this CMS, but the hosting company should be knowledgeable in providing support as well. A select few hosting companies in the market have this high level of support. To offer the best hosting experience possible, many hosting companies will provide you with daily backups with a content delivery network, which immediately boosts the performance of your website. Use an auto-installer like Softaculous to install Concrete5 on your hosting account and begin hosting multiple websites.

Once you’ve found your preferred Concrete5 web hosting company, you need to consider several aspects of the hosting experience. This includes reliability, support, features and the pricing offered by the company. As long as the company has the latest version of MYSQL, Apache and PHP, you should be able to run the Concrete5 CMS. However, don’t make compromises when choosing a web host, as you need the best possible uptime and support when you are hosting websites online. A few hosting companies in the market that currently offer client-specific Concrete5 web hosting are  A2Hosting, Web Hosting Hub, Arvixe, and BlueHost.

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