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CloudFlare Web Hosting – How CloudFlare is Helping Web Hosts

Cloud FlareEthics are a major issue when it comes to online businesses and interactions. The Internet gives online access to billions of users worldwide, with a portion of them being hackers and bots. Apart from true search engine bots, there are hundreds of untraceable bots running online with the sole purpose of affecting sites. Some of these bots are aimed at inserting viruses into sites, while others simply waste your bandwidth. Not every hosting client has an unmetered amount of bandwidth, so these bots could seriously become an issue for a high traffic website. This is one of the reasons as to why CloudFlare was created.

CloudFlare not only blocks off unwanted traffic, but it helps you supercharge and protect your website as well. CloudFlare is a unique network of computers running their own filtering system which helps thousands of website owners. Some of the notable features and benefits of CloudFlare include the following.

  • Increased Security and Protection
  • Detailed Analytics of Your Site
  • Faster Load Times
  • Increased Performance

CloudFlare helps web hosts a great deal as it reduces server loads, bandwidth usage and potential threats by bots. When you first join the CloudFlare network, you will be required to change your nameservers to the ones assigned by CloudFlare. In the control panel, you will provide information on your current name servers. By routing users through this robust network, they will be filtered through to your website. As soon as the nameservers are set for the CloudFlare system, you will be protected by the intelligent global network powering this interface.

In order to start using CloudFlare, all you need is a domain name and a hosting account. CloudFlare itself is not a web host, but rather a filtering system that uses your hosting account to provide the pages. The website pages from your hosting account are cached on the CloudFlare servers and are provided to the user instantly, without any delay. This is one of the reasons why your visitors will experience better load times and increased performance. As this requires less retrieval from your web hosting account, it actually saves you a ton of bandwidth.

There are no hardware installations or software installations needed for the CloudFlare network to work on your hosting account. If you run a web hosting company, simply add the CloudFlare app to your control panel and allow users to sign up right from the control panel. All it takes for the user to start using this amazing service is a simple DNS change within their domain’s control panel.
CloudFlare in cPanel
Apart from increased performance for your website, you will also benefit from having accurate website statistics. As all visitors pass through this global network, each user is accounted for in the statistics. The analytics report offered by Cloud Flare gives you information on the amount of unique visitors, bots, threats and crawlers your site experienced. Having all these valuable tools and more for completely no charge at all is honestly an amazing deal.

Most of the web hosts reviewed on our site have CloudFlare integrated in cPanel for easy setup.

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