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Speed Up WordPress Load Times

How To Speed Up Your WordPress Site

WordPress is a popular and powerful platform. Over 409 million people use WordPress, viewing more than 17.6 billion pages PER MONTH, (according to As much as 19% of the web now runs on WordPress, as of July 2013. Users of this awesome content management system range from independent bloggers…

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SmallBiz WP Theme

SmallBiz WordPress Theme Review

Small Business WP ThemeFrom Expand2Web, the SmallBiz WordPress Theme is a professional, high quality theme that has many benefits for business websites. The theme looks highly professional and comes with pre-built texts and layouts. The great thing about the SmallBiz WordPress Theme is that it can be used for a variety of businesses because of its easy customizations. There are seven different color selections as well as eight different layouts that could be used. Once you’ve installed the SmallBiz Theme on your WordPress blog, you will be able to control the settings in the Theme Control Panel. In the theme settings control panel, the WordPress blog owner will be able to do the following:

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WebHostingHub WordPress

WordPress Isn’t Just for Bloggers

WordPress started off as tool used just for blogging, but today it is a popular online publishing platform that is used by tech enthusiasts around the world. The popularity of WordPress is simply astounding, as billions of people have either used or browsed a site run by WordPress. Some of the Internets most prestigious and well visited websites such as CNN, NFL and Honda USA are all powered by WordPress. Even though it doesn’t look like it, WordPress is behind many of the everyday sites both you and I frequent. With the high level of customization that WordPress brings you, there is absolutely no telling to what you can do with WordPress for your website.

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