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Top Email Marketing Solutions Compared

How To Choose The Best Email Marketing Solution

A Comparison Of The Top Three Email Marketing Solutions: AWeber, iContact, Constant Contact

Part Five: Head-To-Head Comparison

AWeber Email Marketing iContact Email Marketing Constant Contact Email Marketing

Now you have seen each of the top three email marketing services rated individually. In this fifth and final article of the series, you will now see them compared head-to-head.

AWeber and Constant Contact were founded in 1998, and iContact is the relative newcomer, being founded in 2003.

Constant Contact and iContact boast more customers than AWeber. This is mainly because until recently, both of those services were significantly cheaper than AWeber for larger subscriber bases. Both of these companies have increased their prices, and now all three services are very similarly priced for any sized email list.

How will this head-to-head comparison be rated? For each of the four primary categories, a numerical rating from 1 to 10 will be assigned. 10 represents the best quality. The composite rating will be most heavily weighted towards deliverability. Tracking, customer support, and additional features will be approximately equal weights.

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Why You Need a Web Host With “Gold” Customer Service

The standard of customer service is not at the forefront of many people’s minds when they are considering which web host it is that they want to go with. This is hardly a surprise, for 2 reasons:

  1. While many other aspects of web hosting are easy to quantify, it is far harder to find out the quality of web host. This means that people simply choose to ignore it and focus on far easier to read metrics as comparison points between web hosting companies.
  2. People all too often think that problems won’t happen to them. It is natural to believe that we are too good to have problems, or that we can solve them as and when they come about.

This is a mistake. The standard of customer service being offered by the hosting company is essential.

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Hiring A Web Designer – What To Look Out For

LogoDesignTeamAre you wondering why a lot of websites are visited by thousands of people every day? If you have a website and you can’t manage to attract plenty of people, then maybe it’s time for you to get the services of a web designer. Web designers can really make a big impact on your website, especially in terms of market saturation and productivity.

It is not difficult to find a web designer nowadays because there are certainly a lot of them online. Here are several ways to find web designer:

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A2 Hosting now has CloudLinux

All A2 Hosting accounts now come configured with CloudLinux. So what exactly is CloudLinux? It's a version of the CentOS operating system that helps deal with sudden resource spikes on a server. The idea is to have it so if one website on the same shared server as you goes down,…

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Web Hosting Basics

Disk Space and Bandwidth

Bandwidth will basically determine the level of traffic your website can handle. Each web hosting package will have its own bandwidth limitations and restrictions so you will need to ensure you have enough bandwidth for current levels of site traffic and also some extra in case your website takes off in the future.

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HostGator Launches Windows Hosting

HostGator is now offering Windows web hosting. There are 2 shared Windows hosting packages offering unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, Parallels Plesk control panel, IIS, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, ASP and starting at only $4.76/month. Use the 25% off HostGator coupon code: CASTIRON25 Visit HostGator | Read or Submit HostGator…

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What is Open Source Software?

Open Source software is released under a special license that allows users to install, use and change the programming design for free.

This innovative approach to software design and distribution rapidly found favor with users, web developers and associated corporations. It allows software to be designed and evolved in an uninhibited and potentially unlimited environment of ‘peer to peer’ development. This can reduce overall costs, improve flexibility and provide better quality, more user friendly software programs.

Open Source is not always completely free, and you may have to pay fees if you want to redistribute the software and although the majority of third party add-ons and extras are free you may have to pay for some of them.

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Dynamic Web Hosting

Dynamic web hosts provide website technology written in a server side programming language. This allows webmasters the opportunity to introduce an interactive element to their websites such as live forums, message boards, chat rooms, article/content feedbacks options, etc.

Dynamic programming languages include PHP, Perl and ASP and you will find a mixture of these available from web hosts.

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Customer Service – A Dirty Phrase or a Web Hosting Must Have?

For most of us ‘customer service’ is a phrase that we hate.  If we are dealing with customer support then the odds are something has gone wrong with an item we own or a service we are using. And almost always it means a lot of effort simply to get fixed something that should have been working in the first place.

In web hosting that can be the same, it can be a pain finding out why things have gone wrong – usually putting up with a lot of technical jargon as they try to excuse why it is not their fault. But it doesn’t have to be that way, in fact web hosting customer support services can actually be a very useful tool for you to use.

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Software Matters – The Details Behind The Web Host

For all the metrics that get quoted by web hosting companies one thing that often gets left out is the information on software. For most webhost users the technical gubbins behind the scene can be a little too much – if you are anything like me then you need easy to use software to get things up and running!

The good news is that if you choose a good web host they can provide you with a mass of different pieces of software that will make life easier for you, and potentially save you time and money. You just have to choose the web host that offers the best software options.

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