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Magento Web Hosting

Magento is a eCommerce script with specific hosting requirements. If you are planning on using Magento do not signup with any type of web hosting without first finding out if it works with Magento. Look closely at Magento's list of requirements and check to make sure that the web hosting…

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WordPress Web Hosting

These days are the era for sharing your life to the world. This has been possible through the use of the Internet. Different social media networks have emerged which allow you to share your thoughts in a few words while there are blog hosting providers which allow you share your thoughts in detail.

One CMS or content management system that has piqued the interest of a lot of people in the blogosphere is WordPress. It is an application which you can set up on your website so you can start blogging. What drew people to the application is its customizable features. Unlike other blog providers such as Blogger or Typepad, WordPress has a lot of themes and plugins you can choose from.

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Blue Host Reseller

BlueHost Reseller Hosting recently launched their reseller web hosting. All reseller plans include unlimited domains, subdomains, cPanels, MySQL databases, FTP accounts, and email addresses. Some great features that stand out about BlueHost reseller hosting are: No CPU bandwidth caps - all BlueHost reseller accounts utilize a mbps connection limit rather than a…

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How to Install WordPress Using FTP or Fantastico

Hosting a website does not stop from getting a good web hosting provider. You should also be knowledgeable on the different processes of setting up a website. A popular kind of website is a blog. Blogs nowadays are used by writers and non-writers alike. Blogs used to be a medium for self expression. But today, blogs are used to share information and form communities.

They say that if you are passionate about something, you can create a blog. You can write about it and get a loyal following of people who are also interested about the same thing. And in today’s trend, you can even make some money with your blog if you are good at it.

However, how can you make a blog if you do not know how to set one up. This is what this tutorial is for. Blogs, nowadays, are either hosted in free websites like Blogger or LiveJournal or they are hosted independently using a content management system like WordPress. The great thing with WordPress is it allows you to customize the facets of your blog. This means that you can edit the layout as well as include some plugins from the WordPress community.

While WordPress is flexible, some people find it hard to understand how to install WordPress on their website. Here is how.

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Cloud Linux Web Hosting

Creating your own website can be difficult, especially if you are just starting out. You not only need to worry about the content that you will include in it. You also have to worry about the setup operations and costs. If someone tells you that setting up a website is easy, they are wrong. You need to pick the right domain to buy and find a reliable hosting company if you want to launch your website successfully. Today, more than ever, people are in need of reliable hosting. With businesses taking their products and services to the global market through the Internet, any downtime can be a nightmare for them. After all, even if it is just a day or a couple of hours, this can mean a decrease of sales on their part.

CloudLinuxThis is the reason why web hosting providers are always on the lookout to make their servers more stable. Great web hosting companies will go to the extent of adding more to their operating costs to better serve their customers. From Windows servers, web hosting companies have shifted to Linux. From ordinary Linux servers, they have now shifted to Cloud Linux. Here are some reasons why you should go with a hosting company that is using Cloud Linux.

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Best Free Shopping Carts

Do you want to have your very own online shop? Do you create websites for clients whose goal is to sell something online? Then, you will need a shopping cart. A shopping cart is an application that you can set up on your website. This saves you the hassle of coding your very own shopping cart from scratch. You only need to download the app, set it up on your website and start selling products.

The great thing with a shopping cart is that it allows your customers to choose from your product list, put it in their cart and then checkout. This is similar to real life shopping. Because of the shopping cart, all of the prices of the products chosen by the customer are added up. This is not only convenient for your customers; it is also very convenient for you as a seller because you do not need to tend to their orders manually.

So did I manage to pique your interest? Here is a list of free shopping carts which you can use for your website. All three can be installed easily with Fantastico automatic script installer located in a lot of web hosting cPanels.

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How To Choose The Best Email Marketing Solution

A Comparison Of The Top Three Email Marketing Solutions: AWeber, iContact, Constant Contact

Part One: Overview

An efficient email marketing solution will improve the service and ease of operability of your online business. It will make your life much easier. If you have ever tried to manage email lists of more than a few people, you know that it can steal much of your valuable time. An automated system will greatly reduce your headaches.

Many email marketing services exist. If you choose the wrong service initially, you will experience many problems down the road. How can you know which email marketing solution will best meet your needs?

In this series of five articles, we will answer that question. First, you will learn major pitfalls to avoid when choosing an email marketing solution. Second, you will find out the most important features of the services. Third, the three top performing email marketing services will be reviewed in detail. Finally, a head-to-head comparison of these three tools will help you make the right choice.

In part one, you will first learn about why free or do-it-yourself methods are a poor choice. You will then be taught what features are vital to help you avoid extra work. We will wrap this first part up with a brief overview of the three top email marketing solutions available.

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AWeber Review

How To Choose The Best Email Marketing Solution

A Comparison Of The Top Three Email Marketing Solutions: AWeber, iContact, Constant Contact

Part Two: AWeber Review

AWeber Email Marketing SolutionsIn part one, we discussed advantages of paid email marketing solutions over free tools. You also learned of several important features that must be considered when choosing the best solution.

In this part of the series, we will examine the features of the most well-known email marketing services company: AWeber.

AWeber was established in 1998 and currently employs 65 workers. They have a customer base of over 102,000 businesses.

How is AWeber different from its two major competitors, iContact and Constant Content?

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iContact Review

How To Choose The Best Email Marketing Solution

A Comparison Of The Top Three Email Marketing Solutions: AWeber, iContact, Constant Contact

Part Three: iContact Review

iContact Email MarketingIn part two, you learned about the various features AWeber provides. In part three of this series, you will find out about iContact.

iContact was founded in 2003 in North Carolina. They are the largest email marketing solutions provider. They have 600,000 customers.

How do the features of iContact rate?

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Constant Contact Review

How To Choose The Best Email Marketing Solution

A Comparison Of The Top Three Email Marketing Solutions: AWeber, iContact, Constant Contact

Part Four: Constant Contact Review

Constant Contact EmailIn parts two and three, AWeber and iContact were thoroughly reviewed. In this part of the series, we will take a look at Constant Contact.

Constant Contact is as old as AWeber, being formed in 1998. They have 450,000 customers, making them the second-largest provider of email marketing solutions.

What quality of service and usability does Constant Contact provide?

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