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Beginner's Web Hosting Guide

How to Buy Web Hosting

When you are buying web hosting for your site(s), it is important to take several factors into consideration. As a conscious buyer, you want the best value for your money when buying a domain name and web hosting service for your website. Before we have a look at the steps of buying web hosting, lets get familiarized with what web hosting is and why you need it.
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Switching Web Hosting Companies

Switching Web Hosts – The Full cPanel Backup

Switching Web Hosting Companies?

1. Create a full cPanel backup from your old web hosting account.
2. Provide the backup to your new web host to restore on your new account.

Switching web hosting companies is not something you want to be doing frequently as it can require a lot of work. Depending on how large your website is, it could take a few minutes to a few hours to move a complete website from one web hosting company to another. If you have a WordPress blog, you may be able to move it easily by using a dedicated plug-in. However for integrated websites that use cPanel for a control panel, you may want to use the powerful cPanel migration wizard that is in your control panel.

The cPanel Backup Wizard is a quick and easy way to create a full backup or partial backup of your website. Additionally, you will also be able to restore parts of your website using this user-friendly feature in the control panel. Creating a full backup of your website is quick and easy if you follow the steps below.

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Ruby On Rails Hosting Review

Ruby on Rails Web Hosting

Ruby on Rails (RoR) is an open source framework that has been designed to work with the Ruby programming language. Ruby on Rails has become one of the more popular frameworks used in web development, simply because of how efficient it is. For developers, this means less time writing code,…

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CPanel Versus VDeck

cPanel versus vDeck – Web Hosting Control Panels

cPanel versus vDeckWhen it comes to web hosting control panels, the leading software solution available to web hosting companies is cPanel. Not only is cPanel widely used in the hosting industry; it also remains to the easiest control panel to get used to. With a single software solution, you can manage hundreds of websites without having to count on third party portals. The easy installation and integration feature on cPanel also allows you to include various cPanel add-ons. Its wide compatibility, open source benefit and easy portability make it stand out from the other web hosting control panels available to consumers.

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WordPress Database

Setting up a MySQL Database in cPanel

For those who are still not aware, cPanel is one of the most robust and secure control panel platforms available. In essence, it makes the process of managing your website(s) seamless and efficient. With a variety of automation tools included in cPanel, it really offers new website owners a quick way to manage their server resources. The easy to use graphical interface is one of the reasons why cPanel has become so popular in the web hosting industry.

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Create An Addon Domain

Add On Domain Web Hosting

There are several types of web hosting companies providing hosting services, whether it’s shared, reseller, VPS or dedicated server hosting. With all these options, you will be able to host multiple websites, provided that it is allowed on your account. Many of the major players in the web hosting industry…

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Windows Web Hosting

Windows has been around since mid-1985, but Windows Server which powers web servers has only been in use since the second millennium. Today, Windows is seen everywhere in desktop computers, laptops, tablets, phones and servers. In the server world, Windows is actually the second most used operating system with Linux leading most server racks. Web developers know a handful of different programming languages, but a few of them will only run on the Windows platform. Windows web hosting is needed when you are programming something in ASP or ASP.NET. For those who work with Windows made applications and programs, it is ideal to get hosted on a Windows server.

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Concrete5 Web Hosting

Concrete5Concrete5 is content management system that makes content publishing so much easier for people who have little to no experience with web publishing. Concrete5 is completely open source and allows for on-page editing, which is extremely simple for people who love editing only what they see. The ability to edit right on the content page without having to go into administrator pages is what many users love about Concrete5. The one thing you need to understand about Concrete5 is that it needs to be supported by the hosting company you are with. For this reason, many website developers often look for Concrete5 web hosting companies, as they not only offer the platform but support as well.

Running a website on one of the most robust content management systems has never been simpler with Concrete5. When considering web hosting companies that fully support and provide Concrete5, you should consider WebHostingHub. With a web hosting provider that supports Concrete5, you’ll be able to find several tutorials on how to get things done on Concrete5. In order to efficiently run this CMS platform, you will need to ensure that the server you are on has the latest version of PHP, MYSQL and Apache web server. Most web hosting companies that are on top of updates will be able to support Concrete5.

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B2evolution Hosting

b2evolution Web Hosting

b2evolution hostingb2evolution is a popular and very robust content management system (CMS) used for online content publishing. Many people consider b2evolution as a blogging platform as well, but in all reality; it is much more than that. You can use this CMS platform to run a small business site or a small personal blog. The CMS is free to use and is compatible with any server running the PHP 5+, mySQL and Apache web server. All of the web hosting providers featured in our review section are b2evolution compatible hosting.

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