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Web Hosting Support – Consider All Your Options

How confident are you in your web hosting provider’s support system? Do you feel as though the services they provide are enough to fulfill your needs, or do you think that they’ve got room for improvement? Knowing what types of problems your hosting company is able to solve quickly and effectively should be an essential part of why you chose to do business with them in the first place. Let’s look at an example of what happens when a web hosting company’s support team fails to do their job correctly and a customer is unfit to handle the situation.

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Web Hosting Support – Method Overview

Different web hosting services have different ways of providing tech support. The most simplistic of all technical support methods is a forum. Your problems are solved by other customers who’ve previously ran into the same issues, and once in awhile someone who works for the company will have some sort of input. It’s an easy way to get an answer solved that isn’t top priority. However, most good companies don’t rely solely on this type of communication for customer support. A reputable company should, at the very least, have some sort of ticket system in place. A ticket system tracks long-term customer support issues and the steps that were taken in order to try to resolve them. This way, the tech support team doesn’t have to keep asking the same questions over and over again each time the customer calls in, or otherwise contacts them with a question or complaint. It can be far less annoying to the customer, save the tech support’s time, and get issues resolved much faster than they would without it.

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Hosting On a Budget – Warnings

When looking at web hosting packages from a budget standpoint, the cheaper services are going to be the most attractive ones. It’s important, however, not to let a cheap price hide a service’s flaws. For instance support. Often there’s hosting companies out there that make all sorts of claims that you’ll be able to access unlimited resources, but then limit your website once it starts to take up room on their servers. When trying to contact a customer support hotline, nobody seems to ever answer the phone and you’re stuck with what they decide to do with your account. To most people, this isn’t what would be considered a “great deal”.

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Hosting On a Budget – Cron Jobs

One of the attractions of paying for a premium web host is the availability of cron jobs. Now, most web hosting today comes with some sort of cron job features attached to them, but they may limit their functionality somewhat unless you upgrade to the next highest hosting plan. But who wants to pay for a bunch of features they don’t need in order to get one single add-on?

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Hosting On a Budget – Scripting

Web Host Scripting. There’s both a cheap and expensive side to this. Though most newer webmasters will be looking for an automated web builder program, most will eventually have the need for advanced scripting compatibility. Believe it or not, there’s cheap and an expensive way to go about this, and we’re not talking about taking classes. We’re talking about scripting languages. Believe it or not, some languages are cheaper to know than others.

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Hosting On a Budget – Domains

Having a domain is a necessity for any serious webmaster. In fact, many webmasters have been known to register more than one domain per website that they own. This is to protect their brand name. Say you register “” (lucky you), and someone else registers “”. Most customers will easily mix the two up, and even return customers might mistake one for the other. So as you build your own reputation, you’re essentially building someone else’s as well.

What most professionals do who want to protect against poor business practices like that register as many domains as possible. Some register the basics (“.com”, “.org”, and “.net”) and others even go as far as registering all extensions, plus any common misspellings they can think of. Punch in “” into your browser, and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Now obviously when talking about “Hosting on a Budget”, you’re not going to be able to go to that extent. But getting at least at least the 3 basic domains (“.com”, “.org”, and “.net) will ensure that most customers don’t get too confused. Less common extensions like “.info” and “.biz” will stand out to a return customer, and they will likely be able to tell you from those.

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Hosting On a Budget – Web Space

Ten years ago, the amount of space that came with your hosting plan had to be paid very close attention to, since most plans didn’t come with much at all. Most webmasters were lucky to get as much as 50 megabytes of space, which by today’s standards wouldn’t have done much at all. But since then, the price of memory storage devices has gone down dramatically. In turn, web hosting companies started to provide access to larger disk space even with their most basic plans. But something else also happened.

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All About DNS Zones

Every day, millions of people from around the world access the Internet. To access a website, you need to type its URL in the address bar. Many people are not familiar with the process that take place in the system when they hit the enter key. Due to the modern technology, it takes only a short time for the webpage to display when you hit the enter key.

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Three Basic Things to Secure Your Web Hosting Accounts

Security is one the most important things to think about when doing any kind of online activities. Nowadays, bad things like hacking, viruses, and malware are common things, so that it is an important thing to learn some fundamental security measures to make sure that your hosting account is safe and secure. We are going to talk about some proactive ways that you can do to protect your data in this article.

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Choosing Between Windows or Linux Web Hosting

I’m sure that you want the best website hosting for your website. The decision that you make will be influenced by several factors like your budget, your experience in technical aspects, your website content, and the ambitions that you have for your website. Windows hosting and Linux hosting have their own advantages and disadvantages. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages about them can help you to choose between them.

Which one is better, Linux web hosting or Windows web hosting? We cannot answer this question because it depends on the needs of the webmaster.

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