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Free Web Hosting Should Be Avoided

In the case of website hosting, there is a slew of options available to customers. And with all of the choices out there, it can be tempting to sign up for one of the numerous free website hosting companies on the Internet. But along with the advantage of using a free service, there are some negative aspects. Aspects that you may end up paying dearly for in the future. Educating yourself about these downsides by reading the following points so you can enjoy better hosting services.

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How to Seamlessly Transfer Your Site to a New Host

There comes a time in many a website owner’s life when he or she will need to transfer their site to a new host. Usually, owners decide to transfer when their site’s traffic has grown so much that their current bandwidth and disk space allowance has become insufficient for their current needs. If you have decided that transferring your website is the right decision for you, the process can be fairly painless if you follow these steps.

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Tighten Up Your Web Hosting Account’s Security

Out of all of the elements included with engaging in online activities, security should always be at the forefront of your mind. The majority of today’s Internet users have experienced at least one instance of malware, viruses, or hacking and in many cases, these horrible scenarios and their consequences can be prevented. Here are some recommendations on tightening up your web hosting account’s security.

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Free Perks Offered by Web Hosting Providers

When a website owner opens a web hosting account with MySQL and PHP support, he or she will be able to easily program and create scripts without assistance, allowing them to utilize these scripts powerful abilities. Usually, paid and free web hosting providers offer their customers complimentary pre-installed scripts in the form of such tools as counters, calenders, and guest books.

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Web Hosting – The Different Types

When you register your website with a web hosting company, your site is placed in a specific location on the company’s server. A server is simply a computer that has a permanent connection to a particular network; however, the server is not able to be accessed in the same manner as a typical desktop computer. Learn more about the various kinds of web hosting servers available.

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Unlimited Web Hosting – The Basics

If you have always wondered what unlimited web hosting is all about and how it can help you in your website ownership endeavors, rest assured you are not the first to ask those questions. So whether you are searching for a shared hosting provider for website creation or simply a self-hosted blog, there are some aspects you should know about.

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How to Choose Web Hosting Features

If you are a webmaster, I am sure that you understand how important it is to add fresh content to your site on a consistent basis. Sadly, some web hosts may force you to deal with a lot of downtime. One of the most important features of a good web host is their up time and reliability because downtime can mean lost revenue. In fact, many of your marketing techniques will rely on the uptime of your site. Therefore, continuous downtime can mean lost traffic, sales and ultimately the demise of your site.

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Web Hosting Support – Tips When Dealing With Billing Problems

Billing is probably the most touchy of web hosting issues that has to occasionally be dealt with. When it comes to billing, a web host has the understanding that the customer will pay their dues no matter what the situation. Poor record keeping simply isn’t possible in their minds. To the hosting company, all employees are doing their jobs 100% of the time, and all confusion is caused by a lack of understanding by the customer. There’s also a lot of people out there who like to scam the hosting companies out of their monthly dues in order to get free hosting for awhile. The companies now have to take measures to prevent this, and often their actual paying customers may suffer from it.

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