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Cloud Web Hosting Review

Cloud Web Hosting Overview

Specific to website hosting, cloud hosting works in a way such that your website pulls from the virtual resources of multiple servers to provide for all the aspects of what it takes to host your site. The cloud is the server cluster and this method of hosting makes for a balanced load. The resources are made accessible virtually and can be availed when needed.
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Concrete5 Web Hosting

Concrete5Concrete5 is content management system that makes content publishing so much easier for people who have little to no experience with web publishing. Concrete5 is completely open source and allows for on-page editing, which is extremely simple for people who love editing only what they see. The ability to edit right on the content page without having to go into administrator pages is what many users love about Concrete5. The one thing you need to understand about Concrete5 is that it needs to be supported by the hosting company you are with. For this reason, many website developers often look for Concrete5 web hosting companies, as they not only offer the platform but support as well.

Running a website on one of the most robust content management systems has never been simpler with Concrete5. When considering web hosting companies that fully support and provide Concrete5, you should consider WebHostingHub. With a web hosting provider that supports Concrete5, you’ll be able to find several tutorials on how to get things done on Concrete5. In order to efficiently run this CMS platform, you will need to ensure that the server you are on has the latest version of PHP, MYSQL and Apache web server. Most web hosting companies that are on top of updates will be able to support Concrete5.

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B2evolution Hosting

b2evolution Web Hosting

b2evolution hostingb2evolution is a popular and very robust content management system (CMS) used for online content publishing. Many people consider b2evolution as a blogging platform as well, but in all reality; it is much more than that. You can use this CMS platform to run a small business site or a small personal blog. The CMS is free to use and is compatible with any server running the PHP 5+, mySQL and Apache web server. All of the web hosting providers featured in our review section are b2evolution compatible hosting.

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Colocation Hosting Review

The Pros And Cons Of Colocation Hosting

Colocation Hosting ReviewColocation hosting is a hosting plan wherein you buy your own server and connect it to the Internet by putting it in the data center of a colocation hosting provider. This means that you rent out rack space from a colocation hosting provider and use that space to run your own server by making use of the network infrastructure set up by the colocation hosting provider. Now, just like any other hosting plan, colocation hosting solutions have their own pros and cons. Let us take a look at what these are and how are they supposed to influence you when it comes to the time of choosing a hosting plan for your website.

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HTTPS For E-Commerce

E-commerce Web Hosting

The type of web hosting solution you require for a particular website would depend on the type of site it is and what it would be used for. If you are just going to be hosting a simple static HTML page, you would be able to stick with a regular shared hosting plan. However, when you have specific needs, such as when you’re looking to host an E-commerce website; you would need to ensure that you have all the requirements to get started. There are tons of E-commerce web hosting solutions available in the market, and knowing how to choose the best hosting plan is important, as you don’t want to overpay for hosting services.

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vBulletin Web Hosting

vbulletinIf you take a close look at some of the most interactive websites online, you’d notice that they have an extremely strong foundation, which their online community. A forum is an important part of any online community, regardless of what niche it focuses on. At the end of the day, your website needs to be able to handle the forum software, influx of users, multiple database connections and storage capacity. When you consider all the requirements of running forum software such as vBulletin, you need a web hosting solution that can handle the high load of requests and be able to deliver an optimum user experience.

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Joomla Web Hosting

Countless programmers put years of hard work into the creation of Joomla!, which was introduced in 2005. This project was an open-source one that experienced a fast-growing CMS, or Content Management System, in its initial year with more than 2.5 million downloads. Now, Joomla! boasts 5,000 free and commercial plug-ins…

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Why You Should Consider Using a Content Delivery Network For Your Website

Most affordable hosting packages are great for those who are just starting out, but as your site or service grows bigger, with more features, and more importantly, more users, you will begin to understand that you will have to move to a more expensive solution that can provide you with more processing power.

That is because most hosting packages have very little resources allocated to them. There are usually several dozen user accounts on every shared physical server, and all of them have to share the resources. If one of the users starts using too much processor time or Megabytes of RAM, the account is automatically locked until the scripts are no longer active.

But what about those times when you are reaching the limits of your current hosting package, but you still don’t want to switch to a much more expensive solution like a dedicated server? You may run into such a problem if, for example, you run out of money at exactly the moment your site gets on the first page of a popular search term in Google or you get featured on the front page of Digg or other major social networks – you know how it happens, unexpectedly and at the worse moment possible.

Well, there actually is a great solution that can get you out of those situations! It’s called CDN, or Content Distribution Networks, and it may be just the thing that will save you and your site from being overloaded with traffic and not be able to handle it.

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