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b2evolution Web Hosting

b2evolution hostingb2evolution is a popular and very robust content management system (CMS) used for online content publishing. Many people consider b2evolution as a blogging platform as well, but in all reality; it is much more than that. You can use this CMS platform to run a small business site or a small personal blog. The CMS is free to use and is compatible with any server running the PHP 5+, mySQL and Apache web server. All of the web hosting providers featured in our review section are b2evolution compatible hosting.

Most web hosting companies will be able to support b2evolution on their servers, but the level of support you get from a company to help you install and manage b2evolution would be quite minimal. A select few hosting companies will provide you with tutorials and hands-on support for when you are getting b2evolution to work on your hosting account. The great thing about b2evolution is that it can be installed in minutes by using an auto installer. Depending on the web hosting company you deal with, you will be able to find the auto installer in your control panel. Some hosting companies don’t offer the flexibility of having automated installations, so this is something you might want to consider.

For those who are considering a top hosting company such as WebHostingHub, you will notice that they not only offer b2evolution support, but they have an auto installer that installs the CMS within seconds of clicking a button.  The benefits that come along with b2evolution are well worth it, as you will be fully ready in terms of SEO. B2evolution is very SEO friendly, so your website will immediately have this advantage over other sites in your niche.

During the decision making process, make sure to shop around and look for the best deal for your money. A web host may offer you an incredible deal, but support or reliability may be compromised. Ask other webmasters that run b2evolution websites what web hosting they use and recommend, as there surely are several companies that can offer you great uptime and support at a reasonable price.

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