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Speed Up WordPress Load Times

How To Speed Up Your WordPress Site

WordPress is a popular and powerful platform. Over 409 million people use WordPress, viewing more than 17.6 billion pages PER MONTH, (according to As much as 19% of the web now runs on WordPress, as of July 2013. Users of this awesome content management system range from independent bloggers…

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Solid State Drive Web Hosting Guide

Solid State Drive (SSD) Web Hosting

Many web hosting companies, along with their customers, are discovering the benefits of solid state drive (SSD) hosting. You might think this is just another trend, but it's actually a way to vastly improve performance. If you haven't considered solid state drive web hosting before, you'll be amazed at how…

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Cloud Web Hosting Review

Cloud Web Hosting Overview

Specific to website hosting, cloud hosting works in a way such that your website pulls from the virtual resources of multiple servers to provide for all the aspects of what it takes to host your site. The cloud is the server cluster and this method of hosting makes for a balanced load. The resources are made accessible virtually and can be availed when needed.
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