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Add On Domain Web Hosting

There are several types of web hosting companies providing hosting services, whether it’s shared, reseller, VPS or dedicated server hosting. With all these options, you will be able to host multiple websites, provided that it is allowed on your account. Many of the major players in the web hosting industry provide unlimited add on domain hosting; meaning you can host as many sites on one single account as you want.

When you have a web hosting service from a hosting company, you will notice that not all features will remain completely unmetered. One such hosting feature may be the ability to add multiple domains to your hosting account. The majority of web hosting companies today will allow you to create add-on domains on your account for no additional charge. Many of the large hosting companies have now started offering support for an unlimited number of websites, so adding domains is not a problem.

Once you add a domain to your existing hosting account, all you are doing is hosting another site, which is going to use the same resources as your existing website. For example if you have a bandwidth limit of one hundred gigabytes, then the add-on domain will fall under this limit as well. If your hosting account allows it; you will also be able to create sub-domains on the domains you have added. This is different from parking your domain. A parked domain could be pointed towards your website, which will increase your website’s traffic. This is one of the main reasons why many people park high traffic domains on their hosting account, rather than adding it as an add-on domain.

With the amount of competition in the industry, pretty much all web hosting companies have now started offering unlimited add-on domain hosting.

Create an Addon Domain

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