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3 Tips on Why Shared Hosting is a Good Choice

The majority of web hosting companies on the Internet offer shared hosting services. Shared hosting is without a doubt the most commonly used hosting service. If you have to host a business website or even a personal hobby site, you can choose shared hosting without having any second thoughts. Shared hosting is a reliable hosting solution, and it is cheap as well. The only reason as to why you would have second thoughts is if you have a high traffic site that is very resource intensive.

  1. Pricing and Overall Costs Involved: Web hosting companies have servers that are shared among the clients. Each server will be used to serve hundreds of clients, and this is how hosting companies offer shared hosting. From the name shared hosting, you can see that users have to share the server with other webmasters. Since many people are using one single server, the hosting company is able to generate large amounts of revenue from one single server. Due to this fact, shared hosting is very cost-efficient. When looking for the cheapest paid hosting solution, shared hosting is the right way to go.
  2. Reliability and Scalability: The large web hosting companies are known to be very reliable, since they have strong servers with administrators monitoring them at all times. If ever an issue arises, the issue will be resolved right away, since there is someone at the datacenter 24/7. With the big hosting companies you can be assured reliability, and scalability. If you opt for the basic shared hosting plan, you can upgrade at anytime. This is great for growing sites that are run under cost-efficient plans. If you are attracted by an offer from a small scale hosting company, there are several things you can do to see if they are reliable. Ask the hosting representative to provide you with their server reports and uptime. If the uptime seems reasonable, which is about 99.9%, you should be good.
  3. Hosting Support and Technical Assistance: If we were to look at a hosting option below shared hosting, it would have to be free hosting. With free hosting, you will not be given any sort of support for the services you have. On the other hand, shared hosting clients are lucky to have the option of support and technical assistance. Customer support is simply any type of help regarding service, billing and installations. Some hosting companies may charge extra hourly fees to install programs, but most resolutions will be free of charge. Are you currently hosted by another web host and looking to switch to another shared host? Some host will move all your websites to the new server and configure them accordingly, all for free.

With all these great benefits of shared hosting, there is little reason as to why most webmasters should choose another option. If your websites are making the shared server run slow, you may need to upgrade to a VPS, but until then you should be fine.

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